2016 Basketball Senior Night

February 11, 2016 Fairview High school will honor 6 seniors that have played basketball. These individuals have practiced many hours and represented our school well. Their parents should be commended for the support that they have given these young men and women. Each player has shared their future plans and a highlight of their basketball career. We wish you all the best!

Kyra Bowman    

Parents : Todd and Betty Bowman

Future Plans: Attend University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to major in history.

Highlight of Basketball Career: Freshman year when I took my first shot in a varsity game against Page, I managed to get the ball stuck between the rim and the backboard. While they were trying to get the ball unstuck, Coach Wayne and Coach Bledsoe just laughed.

Tyler Branch

Parents : Richard and Ann Branch

Future Plan : Attend Columbia State

Highlight of Basketball Career: During my freshman year getting my first varsity points.

Alex Sydnor

Parents : Shannon and Willie Sydnor

Future Plans: Join the Air Force

Highlight of Basketball Career: My favorite memory was watching coach Wayne sing and dance to Run DMC during our shooting practice.

Jessie Mangrum

Parents : Wendy and Kirk Mangrum

Future Plans : Attend Columbia State and study in the criminal justice program.

Highlight of Basketball Career: Junior year, Heather and I were making chocolate covered pretzels in the locker room and we set the whole plate on fire accidentally, and while everyone else freaked out we just laid in the floor and laughed.

Sara Mangrum

Parents : Rita & Keith Mangrum

Future Plans : Attend Aquinas College for their Nursing Program

Highlight of Basketball Career: When I showed up to the gym to get some shots in with Jessie and Coach Wayne made us shoot in the dark so we could learn how to adjust to any game situation. Now we’re glow in the dark basketball pros.

Kaho Maezato

Parents : Lori and John Russ

Future Plans :going back to Japan

Highlight of Basketball Career: Our double overtime win against East Hickman